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Graduation Day: The Death of a Saudi Terrorist named Osama bin Laden

Last night around 12:00am President Barrak Obama announced that a special forces team had successfully executed an operation against Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a suburb of Islamabad, in Pakistan.  Today, they are showing scenes from the operation that occured in a mansion that the Al Qaeda leader was living in.  These scenes which are fairly graphic, showing blood all over and making it seem as though it was more of a blood bath and less a surgical strike; that having been said, while I applaud the United States Navy Seals for showing the world that the United States can and will get the job done, as far as exacting revenge against those that attack U.S. interests, at the same time I was left scratching my head and asking myself, what more does this mean?  Osama bin Laden is dead and what happens next?  Will troops leave Afghanistan finally?  Will members of Al Qaeda decide to retaliate against the U.S. for killing bin Laden?  Who takes bin Laden's place as the leader of Al Qaeda?  Will the U.S. start gunning for other enemies in a similar fashion such as Qaddafi, Kim Jong Il, etc?  Considering the time frame so close to President Obama's announcement of running for re-election, one cannot deny that this will certainly make clear that the Obama administration deserves some street cred, particularly for getting a job done that a previous administration completely bumbled.  Furthermore, Obama and the United States military have proven a very serious point to the rest of the world.

You don't mess with the United States.  When you do, they will find your ass and definitely kill you...